67 Kapitali Restaurant Review

When you’re walking around the historic streets of Valletta and fancy a craft beer, only one place springs to mind – 67 Kapitali.

The ultra-hip café come beer connoisseur hangout is quickly becoming one of Valletta’s most sought-after hotspots, and the team here at Eat Malta thought it was about time that we got in on the action.

Found at 67 Old Bakery Street, 67 Kapitali’s appeal is apparent straight from the get-go.

Hanging above the inviting doorway is an old Guinness sign that has been struck off and replaced by a rather quirky ‘Craft Beer Only’ placard.

On entering 67 Kapitali, we were immediately welcomed by one of the attentive waitresses who guided us to our table and talked us through the extensive selection of craft beers on offer.

Known for their variety of ever-changing hoppy treats, we were more than excited to get stuck into one of the many drinks on offer.

Regarded as having Malta’s largest selection of local crafts on drought, the fully stocked bar has some eight different beers on tap at one time and is recognised as the flagship location for well-known brewery Lord Chambery.

Keen to wet our taste buds, we cut straight to the chase and ordered in a Blue Lagoon from Lord Chambery (€4, 5%ABV), a bottle of Red My Lips from Beer Project (€4.75, 4.7%ABV) and a can of Go To IPA from Stone Brewery (4.8%ABV) that totally hit the spot after a long day in the office.

67 Kapitali’s Menu & Food

After making a slight dent in our refreshing craft beers, we set our eyes on 67 Kapitali’s incredible menu.

Serving up a selection of mouth-watering sandwiches, salads and platters, head chef Dom and his brother have gone all-out on their menu and create all the dishes to order using as many local ingredients as humanly possible.

A real advocate for root vegetables, capers, olive oil and white cheeses, the wholesome portions crafted by Dom please even the fussiest of visitors thanks to their incredible flavours and genius beer pairings.

After studying the menu whilst sipping down our beers, we opted to order the Fungus Rock sandwich which included smoked rainbow trout, cream cheese and home grown rucola with a touch of handmade lemon jam (€6.45), and a Farmers Market salad that was made up of pumpkin, spring onions, marrow and beetroot, all of which was served on a bed of rucola and drizzled with their in-house special dinner party salsa (€6.45).

Not ones to miss out on a sharing platter, we also chose the halloumi and Milano salami.

Varying in size and price, the platter menu is extensive and ranges from €8 for two items up to €20 for six and is accompanied by fresh Maltese bread, olives and local chutney – oh boy, were we in for a treat.

Upon arrival of our mains we were taken back by the sheer quality and size of the dishes. The mixture of fresh ingredients, bursting aromas and incredible craft beer pleased all of our senses – we couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

Eat Malta’s 67 Kapitali Verdict

Now, if you are on a lookout for your new favourite sandwich in Malta, then the Fungus Rock may just be that. Everything about it was fantastic.

The combination of smoked rainbow trout with the homemade lemon jam was simply delicious and the addition of just the right amount of cream cheese and rucola rounded it off perfectly.

On the other side of the table, the Farmers Market salad was going down equally as well thanks to the fresh tasting ingredients and the unbelievable special dinner party salsa – Dom, we need to get that recipe!

When you tie all of this in with our platter of great-tasting haloumi and Milano salami, it became apparent to us why the restaurant is so popular with locals and visitors to the city as they serve incredible food at a great price.

Now that the celebrations for Valletta being the 2018 European Capital of Culture have got underway, there really has never been a better time to make a reservation at 67 Kapitali – just let them know we sent you!

67 Old Bakery St, Valletta VLT 1427
Call to book on: +356 273 80 010

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